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We are entrepreneurial farm families who invite customers to visit our farms and experience the food and the fun we create to sustain our livelihood. Our membership is made up of farmers, extension agents, industry suppliers, researchers, farmers’ market participants, and government officials. Together we work to advance agritourism including on-farm retail, pick your own, consumer-supported agriculture, direct delivery, and farmers' markets. We facilitate events, resources, communications, and peer-to-peer exchanges that bring together new relationships and opportunities.

NAFDMA was founded in 1986 and is a membership-based non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the farm direct marketing and agritourism industries. NAFDMA is a financially transparent organization. Any current member may request a copy of NAFDMA’s annual budget or current financial statements. 

AntiTrust Statement:

NAFDMA has a policy of strict compliance with federal and state antitrust laws. NAFDMA members cannot come to understandings, make agreements, or otherwise concur on positions or activities that in any way tend to raise, lower or stabilize prices or fees. Members can discuss pricing models, methods, systems, and applications, as well as certain cost matters that do not lead to an agreement or consensus on prices or fees to be charged.

However, there can be no discussion as to what constitutes a reasonable, fair or appropriate price or fee to charge for any service or product. Information may be presented with regard to historical pricing activities so long as such information is general in nature and does not include data on current prices or fees being charged in any trade area. Any discussion of current or future prices, fees, discounting, and other terms and conditions of sale, which may lead to an agreement or consensus on prices or fees to be charged, is strictly prohibited. A price fixing violation may be inferred from price-related discussions followed by parallel decisions on pricing by association members — even in the absence of an oral or written agreement.

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